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Business Planning Workshop

Business Planning Workshop

There is a very old saying in business: “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” For some people, planning is all about the financial numbers and projections. These are extremely important but come after you determine what you want to achieve in your business and how you are going to get there.

Business Planning SAT NAV

So your business plan is rather like a “BUSINESS SAT NAV’ which you can use to help you on your business journey in order to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future and achieve your ultimate ‘goals’.

It will help you to see what is around the corner and avoid you getting lost or running out of petrol (cash) along the way!

Part 1 – Business Planning

  • Introduction – Why plan?
  • Identifying and setting your own Personal Goals and Business Objectives
  • Six key tools to use in the Planning Process
  • Where are you now? (Self-SWOT Analysis and mini Business Health-check)
  • Competition, Marketing and USP’s
  • ‘Non-Financial’ Operational Performance Measures
  • Risk and Crisis Management
  • Part 2 – Understanding and Using Accounts

  • Introduction (The basics)
  • Monitoring and Managing Performance
  • The differences between Profit and Cash
  • Working Capital
  • Using Ratios and Key performance indicators
  • Part 3 – Understanding and Preparing Financial Projections

  • Profit & Loss Forecast, Cash Flow Forecast and Projected Balance Sheet
  • Understanding Banks / Borrowing Money
  • Part 4 – Completing your own Business Plan

  • Using the templates provided participants can now complete their own plans.
We are currently running these workshops in Central London,
Central Birmingham and near Milton Keynes.

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