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Business Planning for Licence Renewal Workshop

Business Planning for
Licence Renewal Workshop

This two and a half day workshop exists to help Franchisees work towards the production of a personalised business plan for their Franchise business as part of the Franchise agreement renewal process. It is designed to ensure that both the Franchisee and the Franchisor get the best outcome from the forthcoming licence period.

The workshop encourages and assists the Franchisee to think about the business in the medium and longer term rather than focusing on the current day-to-day operational issues. It focuses on three key areas; how has the business performed over the last few years, what is the current and likely future value of the business and most importantly what is needed to drive the business forward.

Workshop Content

By the end of the workshop Franchisees will have developed their understanding of business finance, accounts and projections and gained an understanding of what to include in their own ‘renewal’ business plan i.e.

  • The current ‘non-financial’ position of the business compared to the original objectives.
  • A SWOT analysis, local competitor review and own USP (unique selling points).
  • A review of the ‘financial’ position of the business and comparison against original objectives
  • Key business objectives and strategy for the next three years of trading (this will include reference to the growth in staff, vans, staff development/training and Centre improvements).
  • Marketing proposals
  • An assessment of the current and potential forward values of the business
  • Clarity that the non-financial objectives are financially viable in terms of the profit and cash flow.

Workshop Format and Delivery

The workshop uses a variety of methods including presentations, videos, case studies and practical exercises. Participants will be introduced to our ‘tried and tested’ business plan and financial projections template which they will be able to use to produce their own personalised business plan. In the event that the Franchisee does not quite finish their plan on the workshop there is a commitment that the Business Training Academy tutor, running the workshop, will undertake a subsequent desktop review and provide appropriate feedback.

This workshop is run by Director Chris Roberts QFP and Training Manager Kevin Noble QFP. Both are experienced trainers and coaches and have a wealth of knowledge and good testimonials for the training and coaching they deliver.

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