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bfa QFP Courses



How To Understand Franchisees Financial Performance
(2 day course – 500 points)
How To Monitor Franchisee Performance
(1 day course – 250 points)
How To Motivate Franchisees (1 day course – 250 points)
How to Market your Franchise and Recruit for Network Growth (2 day course – 500 points)

The British Franchise Association’s Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) award is the formal recognition of professional knowledge and experience in the franchising industry. Having these letters after your name demonstrates that you have achieved and understand the theory, complexities and best practices in franchising and have invested time to continuously develop your related skills. So, benefits of the QFP include:

Industry-wide recognition
Improved business effectiveness
Increased value to your business
Increased franchising knowledge
Demonstrable competitive edge
Enhanced career opportunities

The Business Training Academy delivers the above 4 mandatory workshops towards this qualification. They are available nationwide every month in a group or on an individual company bespoke basis (see below). There are many reasons why you are likely to want to use Franchise Finance for your QFP training.Here are just a few!

  • The huge number of excellent training testimonials that we regularly receive.
  • Franchise Finance is generally acknowledged in the Franchise industry as the sector’s leading finance experts
  • Our tutors (Chris Roberts QFP and Kevin Noble QFP) and indeed all the team at Franchise Finance are working daily in the Franchise sector, helping franchisees to understand their accounts, improve their financial performance and create professional business plans. Our knowledge is extensive and up to date and this ensures our courses and workshops are always current and practical.
  • We can run the courses on a bespoke basis so that other members of your team who would benefit from the training in all or selected parts of the course (even if they are not doing their QFP) can join in. We can use your franchisee model (if you have one) as part of the course which makes the time and money you are spending much more useful and relevant. (In reality you will be receiving a free overview from us!).
  • If, on the two day course, it is difficult for you to take two consecutive days away from your work schedule then we can split the days to suit you.


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