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The Franchise Finance Business Training Academy is a division of Franchise Finance Limited and delivers a wide range of courses and workshops to Franchisees and Franchisors, their staff and also many other professionals who work in the Franchise sector.

These range from our one day ‘Understanding Business Finance and Accounts’ courses right through to our 6 day ‘Business Development Programme’. We also deliver bespoke courses and workshops for a variety of Franchises such as Dyno-Rod, Marston’s plc, Snap-on Tools and Pirtek.

Several of our workshops revolve around the production of a comprehensive business plan. We also deliver qualifying courses for the British Franchise Associations ‘QFP’ or ‘Qualified Franchise Professional’ award.

Chris Roberts

The Business Training Academy is headed up by Chris Roberts QFP who is a Director of the company and Kevin Noble QFP who is Head of the Business Training Academy. Both are experienced trainers and coaches with a wealth of knowledge and good testimonials for the training and coaching they deliver. One of the reasons for this is the way they make the subjects taught easy to understand by using simple relevant examples, plain English and easy to understand analogies’. A good illustration of this is the adoption of a ‘Driving Theme’ and that during the life cycle of a Franchisee, they are undertaking various ‘Business Journeys’ until they arrive at and pass their stated goals and objectives.

Kevin Noble

So for example, on the Academy’s Business Planning Workshops, we introduce franchisees to their “Business SatNav” to help them successfully negotiate their business journey, see what is around the corner and not run out of working capital (which is of course the ‘petrol in the engine’).

Indeed when you first started to drive a car did you just jump in and head off down the road or did you have some driving lessons first? Well we suggest it makes equal sense to have some ‘business driving lessons’ and if you are not really sure whether you need this, then why not take our ‘Business Driving Test’? This is actually our computerised Financial Awareness Test, which you can access through our website.

So, no matter what stage of the business journey you are at, the likelihood is that the Franchise Finance Business Training Academy will be able to help you safely speed up your progress on your business journey, learn new skills along the way and move into the fast lane to success.


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