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Understanding Franchisees Financial Performance

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QFP Accredited Workshop “Understanding Franchisees Financial Performance”

This is one of the core mandatory parts of the Qualified Franchise Professional qualification. Successful completion will give you 500 points towards your 3000 point target.

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This two-day workshop is a course designed to give you an enhanced appreciation and better understanding of accounts and business finance in general and also in the context of monitoring the financial performance of your (or your clients’) franchisees.

Even if you are not studying for BFA’s QFP Award, this course may be suitable for you or your franchisor staff. This course can be delivered at your premises at dates and times suitable to you.

The course will not turn you into an accountant but it will give you an understanding of the key issues so that you are better able to manage your business and will be confident when dealing with your own accountant or bank manager.

Topics covered in this course include:

The Balance Sheet
Introduction, evaluation and analysis

The Profit and Loss Account
Introduction, evaluation and analysis

Trends and Comparisons
Key Ratios

Preparing a Balance Sheet & P&L from a Trial Balance
Subsequent evaluation

Principles of Accounting Practice
‘Cooking the books’ and ‘Window Dressing’

Financial Projections
Preparing an integrated set of projections (P&L, CFF and Balance Sheet)

Evaluation of projections
(working capital sufficiency and breakeven).

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