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Business Health Checks

Business Health Check Service

  • Is your franchise performing less well than others in the network?
  • Are you doing well and want to expand but first want to make sure the ‘foundations’ of your business are solid??
  • Is cashflow or profitability becoming a problem for you?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions then our Business Health Check service will help you.

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How it works


We start by examining your Personal Goals and your Business Objectives to ensure they do not conflict with each other. We also need to clarify where you are on your business journey and where you are trying to get to. Our Business Health Check provides independent feedback on the main financial and non-financial areas of your business and then, using a unique scoring system, the individual results are measured against a set standard to provide an overall score, which will indicate whether the health of your business is:

In good condition

In reasonable condition

In need of some urgent attention, or

In critical condition

Clients receive a full SWOT analysis (covering Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and a prioritised Action Plan to help them deal with any existing or potential problems and to meet their objectives by capitalising on the strengths and opportunities identified.

Clients should allow a full day for our review visit and a few hours, a week or so afterwards, to go through the report (which will be confidential and for your eyes only). A senior Franchise Finance Business Consultant will spend the majority of a day with you. There is a little work to be done before hand in preparation and the completed report will be emailed to you ready for discussion within approximately 7 days of our visit.

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